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                  Interactive internet communication between attorneys and court administrators........


                  Court information available 24/7.


                  Attorneys access dockets and request hearing dates from their computer.


                  Shows attorneys court calendar (available dates, closed dates, full dates)


                  Allows attorneys for opposing parties to coordinate their individual calendars with the court calendar.


                  Case information transmitted via internet to the court administrator along with request for a date.


                  The SEARCH function allows anyone to search for a hearing by cause number, name, attorney or date.  It is no longer necessary to call the court administrator for this information.  


                  The Jury Duty pages allow citizens to determine their Jury Duty Selection status as well as submit requests to be excused.  This reduces the time needed to be on the phone.  Also, by requiring login and password access, the court knows who has and has not checked their status.


                  The Bond Hearing pages allows bondees to find out when they should appear for their hearing.






                  Administrators no longer need to take phone calls to provide several available dates and then wait for another phone call back to set the hearing.

     Court administrator then approves, modifies or rejects hearing request by a simple point and click method.  No typing required and no phone calls.

                Email response is automatically sent back to the attorney reflecting approval/modification/rejection of the hearing request. Again, no typing required and no phone calls.


                  Hearing requests approved or modified  by the administrator are automatically posted to the appropriate court docket. Again, point and click, no typing.  


                  Allows administrator to edit, add comments, and print the automated docket.




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